Winter brings to mind cold days, colder nights, bright fresh mornings with glittering dew and frost.

Gazing out the office window, winter brings to mind bright, clean, sweet… in the form of a 45 year old orange tree. This time of year holds the promise of sweet, juicy fruit. Tall glasses of fresh pressed juice at break time.

Each day throughout the year, I watch this fruit change outside my window. They start as white, sweet blooms in Spring. The blooms fall away leaving dark green peas, that grow into green marbles, and then into golf balls as the Summer passes. By Fall, they reach their full size and their color begins to shift from pale green to yellows. With Winter’s approach comes the fulfillment of these beautiful fruit.

It’s the stages of a design project… all rolled into one lovely tree and kilos of sweet fruit.

Want some oranges to stave off winter blues? Give us a call.