Working this summer to create our new name, we focused on what we do… the cause and effect of design. These explorations quickly led us down the rabbit hole to color, light, and the theory that underpins all we do today in visual mediums.


And memories of playing with the Newton’s Cradle game in my dad’s office launched an exploration into Sir Isaac Newton.

Newton is well known for this three laws of motion. But in 1666 Newton also became the first to explain that light, white light, is made up of a spectrum of colors – ROYGBIV.

Turns out Newton is the father of the color wheel. He created a color circle to summarize the additive mixing of colors – Red, Green, Blue are thought of as additive primary colors – and the complements are placed across from them on the circle. This causes the colors to fall in order of their wavelengths. He went further to create color predictions based on lines between two colors.

Without Newton, color, light, and our understanding of both would have a very different view. I really like the one we have today… thanks Newton for your genius and your inspiration!